Ranting, Raving,Rabbiting

Wednesday – 8th of June 2010. I have been forty-six for 8 days. Birthday’s are one of two things. A complete pain in the arse or a celebration that is erased from the memory within 24 hours of the party. This year, it was a completely new experience. I sat in a hospital, in emergency watching over a friend who attempted suicide.  I watched him. I spoke with medical people and mental health professionals. There was a great deal of support and some harsh words and a medical system that is over stretched, and a place, a country that I have returned to, where behind the Lynchian picket fence, or below the corrugated iron roof lies desperation, the desire for a difference, the need for assistance – and although it can be there – some people do not know how to access it…..

In the midst of it all, I continue to remind myself that I live in a democracy, that unemployment is low in this country, there is a health care system in place that we do not have dodge bombs and fear for our lives minute to minute.

A rant  –


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