I was lucky enough to work on a documentary in a place of great beauty in Western Australia – the place Wittenoom, the filmmaker Caro MacDonald. Looking back at these images, I feel the sense of excitement I experienced the day we arrived. The landscape is extra-ordinary. It is a town of ghosts, closed due to asbestos, there were 8 residents whilst we were there in 2006. I wept when I left.  http://wittenoom.net/


2 thoughts on “Wittenoom

  1. I love these photos Lizzie!!! They are stunning!!!
    All the dusk ones look more like paintings!
    Looove the colours in alll of them!!!
    You have an amazing eye!

  2. You captured the solitairy isolation of the ghost town, with its eerie beauty but left out the stunning and amazing landscape of the gorge. Lets hope people continue to photograph this beautiful place and that there is a continual growing awareness of this incrediable place that needs to be preserved for the future – that means the Government must clean up the mess the mining companies left behind. Not only in Wittenoom, but the damage they are doing in other lovely places in the Pilbara. From a part-time resident.

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