More musings about PattyBoy – The Documentary

I have been thinking about this film today and considering the multiple themes of this piece.  PattyBoy was severely bullied at school.  It is an insistent problem that rises up and creates havoc and constant anguish for so many. For some, bullying leads to extreme measure – for those on the receiving end. I too have experienced it during my school years and of course kept it secret. My wonderful mother noticed the changes in my behavior overtime and managed to get me talking about it. She, bless the woman took it in hand. She was supportive, continually spoke to the school and it was slowly dealt with.  I was still aware of those girls whilst at school but her support gave me strength.  I just wanted to be different from everybody else, I could not help myself.  I dressed differently and immersed myself in creativity – that seemed to effect the bullies and they wanted to grind me into the ground.  It was small town New Zealand – standing out was not always the best place to stand!  So in describing this experience of over 30 years ago I feel great empathy for Patrick.  We have been discussing this issue in our interviews and want to explore it further. He was also really supported by him Mum – what would be do without tor Mothers ?

Patrick felt isolated and his method of finding a community was to embrace the internet. He created an online community. He began vlogging in 2008 and slowly but surely built up a following. from here he made numerous friends – many of which moved from the online environment to the offline environment. Kiwi YouTubers and Twitter users would meet up at various venues and in other cities to meet  There he found support and understanding and great friendship. For some it has been a lifeline – a way to find acceptance amongst peers and I want to look at this in the film.  But the cruelty still exists.  Online bullying and cruel criticism and threats of violence has been posted.  This is frighteningly common.  Another issue we want to look at.  Patrick remains so positive and continues to create music, create accompanying videos and post vlogs. He responds to his critics in such a cheerful way.  I am amazed and inspired by this!

We will be setting up a crowd fund over the next months and continuing to document our progress and post words, images and video. I am starting to review the footage we have shot thus far and begin transcribing the first interviews this week.  There is a great deal to do – we are at the beginning .  With more shooting, looking at  hours of archive material,  After Effects work and animation to get started – well it will take me a while. Ah so happy to do it….

Spread the word.

Aroha nui


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